9. Throw a dinner party 

So what, I threw a dinner party for some friends – no biggy right, so I won’t bang on about it too much.

I will though, share a couple of recipes with you – they went down a treat with my girls and they were super quick and easy to make, which meant I got to spend as much time as possible sipping prosecco with the gang!

Starter – no one has time for this, crisps and dip are more than fine!

Main – Joe Wicks aka ‘the bodycoach’ aka ‘absolute God’ (if you haven’t heard of him, check out his Instagram here… you’re welcome) has created the Lean in 15 recipe book and it’s kinda my bible, so of course it only made sense to pick one of his recipes. I went for the chicken & leek pie, served with buttery new potatoes and veggies.

DessertNigella’s Sophia’s chocolate cake, served with warm ganache. Made with olive oil instead of butter, this cake is deliciously moist and molten chocolate is just heaven!

(I actually made a second cake to take in to work but this time I let the ganache cool, before whipping in to a thick, fluffy, icing – SO DAMN GOOD. I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but it went down pretty well in the office too.)

To drink – Copious amounts of prosecco, obviously.

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