16. Go back to school

Ever wondered what a life drawing class is like?

Well, after joining a casual two hour session, at the very cool Matthews Yard in Croydon last weekend, I am now qualified to tell you.

Before you scroll any further – because you are obviously desperate to see my masterpiece – I want to assure you that at no point am I claiming to have any real skill here, despite spending two years at college studying art and design… Go figure.

So, in answer to the obvious question – was it embarrassing/awkward/uncomfortable having a random naked person in front of us? No. Not one bit. In fact me and friend both thought it was weirdly, not weird at all. The model oozed self confidence – God knows I would never be brave enough to do a thing like that – which put us at ease. No awkward laughter coming from us thank you very much!

The class began with a series of short five minute poses, then a 15 minutes pose and finally a 35 minute pose.

The class (it was actually untutored) was made up of both male and female ‘artists’ of varying ages from twenties to, I’m going to say, late sixties.

One guy brought his easel in and stood for the entire session, most pulled up a chair, balancing sketchbooks on their laps, and we made ourselves right at home, opting to lay on our stomachs and stick in the headphones – I even kicked my shoes off!

Ok, are you ready? Here’s what we produced (we get 10 outta 10 for effort right?)


You can see work produced in all previous sessions here: Descart

Some of it is pretty impressive!

It was a very relaxing, chilled Sunday evening. Especially with some awesome live music drifting in from down the corridor. A great way to get creative and wind down before the reality of a fast approaching Monday morning kicks in.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the thing I found most difficult to draw… hands.


When: Sunday 6pm

Where: Matthews Yard, Croydon

How much: £10

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